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Главная » 2017 » Март » 10 » Jag Panzer - We've Got Another Cup Coming
Jag Panzer - We've Got Another Cup Coming

Мини бутлег скомпилированный из демо треков, ранее размещенных на официальном сайте группы. Четвертый трек это пристовский 'You've Got Another Thing Coming' только на хоккейную тему.

01. What Child Is This (Demo) - 2:25
02. Do You See What I See (Demo) - 2:37
03. The Wreck Of Edmund Fitzgerald (Demo) - 6:41
04. We've Got Another Cup Coming - 4:59

А это история сего кавера рассказанная Harry 'The Tyrant' Conklin в интервью взятым EvilG'ом: 'We did that in Mark's studio actually and it was kind of a strange idea. The year before I had done a song and taken an AEROSMITH song and just taken the voice out of it and just actually put the voice down so low that I could sing over on top of it and that was 'Train Kept A Rollin'. It was for the football team going to the Super Bowl. I wanted to do that for a radio station and it never really got aired. There was other people more professional karaoke singers and stuff that had better studios and everything that got more air time. So this year Mark said: "let's do it for the Avalanche team". He's a huge Avalanche fan and has been for many years and here was a chance that we could actually get the cup again and have another shot. So Mark said "let's do 'You've Got Another Thing Coming' and lets rework the lyrics" and do it really professional in our studio and if it comes out great we'll put it on our website and maybe it will get some airplay. So it actually did. It took us three weeks to put together. I kind of stylized my voice a little bit like Rob's but since my natural voice is not anything like Rob's, it's more like Bruce, it came out slightly different. It was a mid range song and we kind of put a lot of guts into it put a whole bunch of heavy guitars into it and opened the beat up really wide and actually got some airplay for three weeks on a Denver station. So we were happy with that. Our Drummer, Rikard actually laid down real drums. Chris actually played the lead. Shawn actually played the bass so it was like a JAG PANZER song and that turned out to be a really great project. '

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